Saturday, December 8, 2007

Central America: Diesels Reconsidered ; Injection Pump Update

Thursday marked the end of a 3 week surfing trip in Costa Rica, and after spending 24 hours in San Jose, I can't say I'd be real excited if we had more diesels here in the United States. Those familiar with Central American traffic know that it's noisy, congested, and dirty--really dirty. Diesels make up the lion's share of vehicular traffic in most other countries, and consequently have a substantial impact on local air quality. A permanent cloud of bluish smoke permeates the city streets of San Jose, making foot traffic extremely unpleasant and unhealthy. Additionally, meeting such a large diesel fuel demand with petroleum alternatives would simply be impossible, even if Costa Rica's entire palm oil operation (which is substantial) was diverted to the issue.

In other news, Seattle Injectors has informed me that my Toyota's injection pump is 'beyond salvage'. I've instituted a worldwide search now for 2LT diesel injection pumps, with limited success. While in San Jose, I did some research since I thought Costa Rica would be the perfect place to pick up Toyota parts. The Toyota dealership said 'sure, we can get one for 1,500,000 colones ($3000)'.

I also called Toyota dealerships in Vancouver B.C. and they told me this model pump has been discontinued, which doesn't come as much of a surprise, but means my truck is dead in the water until I can find a new one. Hit Google with a search for 'Toyota 2LT injection pumps' and you will now find multiple forum threads on the topic. I'm throwing out a broad net.

My best bet may actually be in Karachi, Pakistan. The administrator of the OFFROADPAKISTAN forum says I may be in luck. At the conclusion of this little adventure I'll be sure to post all forum topics and resources for those of you following my footsteps.